ISR-PRO Wall Adapter

Salt Air Machine


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Lost the wall adapter that comes with your ISR-PRO?  This is a replacement power supply for charging/operating the unit.
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The All New ISR PRO

Great For Groups and Individuals

"We are all loving it! Generally we just set it in the middle of the table and put it on custom for 10 (minutes) and everyone sits around and so far it’s been working pretty good that way. Maybe we will try individually in a smaller area if someone really has a problem but so far it’s great! Thanks for all you hard work and time you’ve put into making this available to folks!"

Barbara L.


"The quality and length of my sleep has improved dramatically. I wear a fitness tracker and I’ve gone from getting 11% deep sleep to 18%... My resting heart rate has gone from 68 to 60 in 5 weeks! Considering I haven't altered my exercise at all, this is miraculous. My workouts, and even hiking with my dog, have become significantly easier.

The relief from the Infinity Salt Air is astounding. I feel more energized and clear headed."

Perfect For Colds.

"Machine is working well. I am only using in my pod about every other day and it seems to be working on my cough. I also used it for my son wen he came down with a cold, and it minimized the severity and duration of his cold."

Wendy P.

It Has Been A Lifesaver

I have chronic sinusitis and I cannot take most over the counter allergy medicines and let’s face it, one can only take so many antibiotics. Throughout my life I have always noticed that when I visit the beach the salt air seemed to reduce my symptoms. One of the many reasons I love the beach. Now thanks to this little machine I can have my own personal salty beach air to breath wherever I am. Breathing in the microcrystalline salt particles help alleviate the swelling in my sinus and reduce pain associated with sinusitis. As an added bonus, the salt from this machine purifies the air of bacteria and other harmful unseen enemies in the air you breath.

"Highly Recommended"

The Infinity Salt Air Machine is easy to use, quick to clean and is very light weight so you can take it with you when you travel. If you have sinus and respiratory issues,  I highly recommend investing in this innovative machine and live a life breathing easier.

Bonnie N.