Families Are Salting

Keep your family breathing easier as you treat allergies and respiratory symptoms right at home

The ISR-1000 is ready for you when you need it most.

When the cough starts at 2 am and won't stop, you wake up with a stuffy nose and can't breathe, or when the scratchy sore throat presents itself, it's time to grab a packet of salt, load the machine and have a session wherever you are. So simple a 5 year old can operate it.

A few deep inhales can clear the sinuses and lungs enough to provide relief for sleep. If sick, spend 10-20 minutes in an enclosed space when you have the time. Otherwise, grab a few minutes throughout the day when you can work them in.

The ISR-1000 with its single use salt packs travel with you anywhere and can be used anytime.

The sports pods are very convenient for traveling, or using in relatives homes. They literally spring into action when needed, fold flat and can be slipped behind a door for easy access or rolled down to less than the size of a backpack to store or pack.

Miki enjoys his personal ISR-1000. Halotherapy sessions in our traditional salt rooms has kept his asthma under control for over three years with 3-4 sessions per week. Now he can use his personal machine whenever he needs it.