"I’m doing 10 minutes... each morning. Seems to work for me. One observation I have made is that I charged it once overnight and I have yet to charge it again. Its still on full charge and I have used it for two weeks. Amazing."

Glenn T.


"Machine is working well. I am only using in my pod about every other day and it seems to be working on my cough. I also used it for my son wen he came down with a cold, and it minimized the severity and duration of his cold."

Wendy P.


"We are all loving it! Generally we just set it in the middle of the table and put it on custom for 10 (minutes) and everyone sits around and so far it’s been working pretty good that way. Maybe we will try individually in a smaller area if someone really has a problem but so far it’s great! Thanks for all you hard work and time you’ve put into making this available to folks!"

Barbara L.

"It’s going well... I’m trying to keep it to 3 treatments per week, but allergens have been low the past week or so. We’ll see when they get higher. The machine is working fine.

My wife said her sinuses felt clearer right after the session."

Bob S.


"Loving the machine!

I have used [it] in my little sitting room which is probably between the size of the main room you used and the littier one we tested in and have done [it] in my office which is bigger. My congestion and allergy issues are definitely better plus have not had any issues with rashes or eczema which pop up during allergy season. I like to [it] before bed and during the day."

Deb F.


"When I was pregnant and a minor cold started to turn into a terrible sinus infection, I was determined to kick it without using an antibiotic. Luckily a friend told me about Infinity Salt, and thanks to Infinity’s quick response, I was able to start salting the next day. After several days, I could tell that I was healing from my sinusitis and ultimately I fully healed without an antibiotic. I also started using the Infinity Salt machine with the rest of my family at least twice daily. When almost all of my son’s class was inflicted with the flu or step, we avoided both illnesses. Now we are using the machine to combat seasonal allergies and can see a difference."

Ellen M.


"The Infinity Salt Air Machine is easy to use, quick to clean and is very light weight so you can take it with you when you travel. If you have sinus and respiratory issues,  I highly recommend investing in this innovative machine and live a life breathing easier."

Bonnie N.


Testimonial from Yadi Alamin, LMNT, NMT