INFINITY Salt Air Machine

Breathe Easier

Live the life you love

Dust and Pollen Abound

Why Suffer

Portable, Powerful, Effective

The INFINITY SALT AIR MACHINE provides a highly effective treatment in as little as 3-5 minutes. Salt particles reach deep into the lungs and sinuses providing instant relief.

Weighing in at just 2.5 lbs and 7 inches tall, this personal salt machine can travel with you almost anywhere and provides salt therapy on the go whenever you need it.

The salt aerosol is nearly invisible and there is virtually no salt dusting on furniture, clothes or on you!

"Salt" at the kitchen table before leaving home in the morning, or toss in a purse or bag and salt at the office, in a hotel room or lobby, bar, airport or before that big athletic event… just about anywhere!

Halotherapy On-The-Go!

Halotherapy, or dry salt aerosol therapy has evolved from the centuries old European salt caves, where people stayed for a week or more (and still do), to modern day salt rooms where sessions last 45 minutes.

The INFINITY SALT AIR MACHINE is the next step in the evolution, offering the effectiveness of a salt room session in a portable device you can use practically anywhere!

See what our salt room clients are saying about their personal salt machine!

I’m doing 10 minutes on B setting each morning. Seems to work for me. One observation I have made is that I charged it once overnight and I have yet to charge it again. Its still on full charge and I have used it for two weeks. Amazing, Thanks, Glenn

Glenn T.

Machine is working well. I am only using in my pod about every other day and it seems to be working on my cough. I also used it for my son wen he came down with a cold, and it minimized the severity and duration of his cold. 

Wendy P.

We are all loving it! Generally we just set it in the middle of the table and put it on custom for 10 (minutes) and everyone sits around and so far it’s been working pretty good that way. Maybe we will try individually in a smaller area if someone really has a problem but so far it’s great! Thanks for all you hard work and time you’ve put into making this available to folks!!!

Barbara L.

It’s going well. The C-S for 90 seconds and about 5 more minutes I spend cleaning the machine while in the pod with the salted air seems to work well for me. I’m trying to keep it to 3 treatments per week, but allergens have been low the past week or so. We’ll see when they get higher. The machine is working fine.

My wife tried B10 and said her sinuses felt clearer right after the session.

Bob S.

Loving the machine!

I have used the B-20 setting in my little sitting room which is probably between the size of the main room you used and the littier one we tested in and have done the C-S setting in my office which is bigger. My congestion and allergy issues are definitely better plus have not had any issues with rashes or eczema which pop up during allergy season. I like to use the B-20 setting before bed and the C-S during the day.

Deb F.