How It Works

How exactly does the machine work? 


Due to its unique design, the Infinity Salt Air Machine produces salt particles that are nearly invisible to the human eye. This equates to shorter, more efficient sessions with minimum salt use and waste.

How To Use: 

See downloadable user manual. A quick start guide with diagrams is included with every machine shipped.

The Infinity Salt Air Machine is very easy to use. Simply pop open the top (it attaches magnetically),  dispense one full packet of salt, replace top, select setting and time. Relax and breathe freer in minutes.


Salt particles need to be 5 microns or less to be able to enter the deepest levels of the respiratory system bringing relief.

The testing with P.E.’s (Professional Engineers) at Channel Products tests show that over 80% of all salt particles released by the ISRPRO are 5 microns or less

The ISR Pro is the world’s most efficient dry aerosol salt air machine and the first truly portable salt air machine