How it Works

Introducing the ISR Pro

Operating and Maintenance Guide

Please watch this video before operating your ISRPRO

Quick Start Guide

Turn on Main Power Switch

Turn on to enable the front Power Button. Turn off when you travel with the unit to disable the front Power Button.

Charge the ISR-Pro

Plug the Wall Adapter into the Power Adapter Port and into a standard wall outlet.

Unit takes 6 hours to fully charge. While charg-ing, the Low Battery Indicator will slow flash. You can still use the unit while it is charging!

Add Salt

Grasp the bottom half and pull off the top half. They are held together with magnets! Pour a 6 gram pack of salt into the grinding barrel. To re-assemble the unit, line up the stainless steel front panels and replace the top half.

Press the front power button and enjoy healthier living!

The unit is programmed to run for 5 minutes.

Cleaning Your ISR-PRO
Microscopic particles of salt can cover the electrical connections and cause the unit not to work. When this occurs, it is possible that the salt grinder will not react to the button push. If the unit is plugged in, the bottom power button is ON, the fan assembly is correctly locked, and the unit will not work, please try to clean the unit thoroughly, including the brass contacts, with these simple instructions.
  1. Turn off Main Power Switch on bottom and unplug the unit from the power adapter.
  2. Pull the top half from the bottom half.
  3. Empty the grinding barrel. Use the supplied brush to remove all salt remnants.
  4. Remove the fan assembly.
  5. Clean Middle Section (see below).
  6. Clean Fan Assembly (see below).
  7. Re-assemble the ISR-PRO and it is ready to go!
Cleaning the Middle Section

Remove as much salt residue as possible with the supplied brush. This includes removing salt from around the spring loaded contacts on the middle section and in and around vortex tube. A firm toothbrush or brass brush can help!

Clean the flat contacts, too. If they are corroded, use a firm brush.

Cleaning the Fan Assembly
Remove as much salt residue as possible with the supplied brush. This includes removing salt from around the spring loaded contacts on the assembly and on and around the fan blades.
Helpful Hint: Check that all 4 spring loaded contacts push in and release freely!

If your Machine Stops working

If your machine suddenly quits working, please follow these steps to fix the problem.

If after multiple attempts to fix your machine, it still does not work and your machines is less than a year old and is still under warranty. Please sent it to:

Channel Products

30700 Solon Industrial Parkway
Solon, OH 44139



Salt particles need to be 5 microns or less to be able to enter the deepest levels of the respiratory system bringing relief.

The testing with P.E.’s (Professional Engineers) at Channel Products tests show that over 80% of all salt particles released by the ISRPRO are 5 microns or less

The ISR Pro is the world’s most efficient dry aerosol salt air machine and the first truly portable salt air machine

Buying for a spa room?

Looking to purchase units for a spa where the room might be a little larger and not sure how many units to buy? Check out our recent white paper which breaks down the science of our salt machines and how many you'll need for your space: ISR-PRO Particle Math Made Easy - A White Paper