Businesses Are Salting

The INFINITY Salt Machine is ideal for use in a number of corporate and service environments.

Corporate Wellness Programs

In addition to fitness incentives, healthcare screenings and meditation spaces, The INFINITY Salt Machine can help reduce sick days and improve productivity as employees have more energy when they are not fighting infections, and struggling for breath.

The negative ions generated help to offset the ‘sick building syndrome’ associated with confined spaces and recirculated air.

Hotel Wellness Offerings

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, being away from home can be stressful. Suitcase living, meetings, airports and rental cars all add to one’s stress level and increase chances of picking up a bug.

The INFINITY Salt Machine with our pre-packaged, single use salt packs, is ready for a quick session in a hotel room, airport waiting area, bathroom, or at a table in a hotel lobby or even in a restaurant. With the INFINITY Salt Machine, salt therapy will soon be on many room service menus!

Salting At The Airport

Crowded areas and confined spaces are full of positively charged ions which can cause headaches, nausea and uneasiness. Air conditioning and recycled, stale air lacks the negative ions to help you keep your oxygenation levels up and feel good. The production of dry salt aerosol generates a considerable number of negatively charged particles, assisting you with increased oxygen in the blood and brain, and generating a feeling of well being.