ISR-1000 For Professional Use

The Infinity Salt Air Machine integrates effortlessly into most businesses. Salt rooms, salons, spas, hotels and corporate wellness programs are experiencing the benefits of incorporating the ISR-1000 into their current operations.  Our dry salt aerosol generator is an easy, economical and effective way to add to, and differentiate your business.

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New And Existing Salt Rooms

The powerful ISR-1000 will produce a uniform dry salt aerosol concentration of 5 microns and below in an 8 x 11 x 9 room in as little as 3 minutes.  Our professional setting (C/S) grinds salt for 5 minutes and the fan continues for a total of 45 minutes. This allows you to use the ISR-1000 as a stand alone halo generator, producing a safe, effective dry salt aerosol concentration for your main rooms. For larger rooms, you may need more than one machine depending on the intended use of your facility.

If using in a room smaller than 8 x 8, a booth or pod, then, depending on size, use settings A or B, which are calibrated to grind on and off at specific intervals in order to reach and hold a specific therapeutic salt aerosol concentration. See user manuals or contact us for clarity and understanding of when, and how, to use these settings. We are available to travel to your facility, calibrate your rooms and assess what would work perfectly for you.


There is no need for expensive HVAC modifications as the amount of salt dispersed into the air is less than 1.2 grams (1/8 teaspoon) with setting C/S. A and B will use even less. The main concentration of particle sizes are so much smaller than traditional machines that the salt is practically invisible without being backlit (see videos) so we are not seeing very much (if at all) dusting on furniture, clothing, hair etc. Current exhaust systems should continue to be used after sessions as usual to clear the air so it is fresh for the next session.

Our portability and battery power capabilities allow you to move the machine from room to room as needed, as well as to offer shorter, express sessions which are as effective at the traditional 45 minutes for respiratory and skin issues.

Wellness Industry

Spas and Wellness Centers


Massage, Facials, Yoga, Reflexology, Energy Work


Adding dry salt aerosol to any type of body work, especially massage or facials, will greatly enhance the experience. The mechanical action of grinding the salt, produces negatively charged particles. These particles (ions) assist in bringing more oxygen to the blood and brain.

Clients using halotherapy alone report a very relaxing, tranquil effect during sessions and for a time afterwards. Combined with other modalities, the benefits of all therapies will be increased. 

Dry salt therapy is also compatible with aromatherapy as long as you do not get the oils or vapor directly on/in the machine. The salt particles attach to the molecules of the essential oils and will amplify and hold them in the air longer. If using a diffuser, the  salt machine should not be next to it as it must always be kept dry.



Dry salt aerosol:


  • is antimicrobial
  • boosts the immune system of the client as well as the therapist  
  • stimulates microcirculation in the skin, helping to heal and protect, especially after exfoliations, peels or laser procedures
  • is effective in clearing the nose, sinus and respiratory tract, facilitating easier breathing during therapies
  • has a sterilizing effect on the treatment room

There should always be ventilation when using the machine in an enclosed area, and the rooms should be exhausted after each session. The amount of salt dispersed is very small, but with repeated, extensive use, exhausting the room keeps the salt aerosol from migrating to other areas of the facility that may be humid. Under certain conditions, such as humidity from steam rooms or float pods, the salt can become corrosive.

The ISR-1000 is ready to use when it arrives. No programming or set up needed. We ship with the battery approximately 50% charged for safety reasons. It will operate when first opened, but it is best to charge overnight before extensive use.

See user manual and videos for use, disclaimers and care instructions. DO NOT use setting C in a room smaller than 8 x 8. The salt concentration builds rapidly and can reach unacceptable levels in smaller spaces. 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. 

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