Introducing the

INFINITY Salt Air Machine

A truly portable, self-contained, take anywhere dry salt aerosol generator

Enjoy the freedom of easier breathing, and clearer lungs and sinuses without being limited to a salt room location or hours of operation.

• Compact machine
• Rechargeable battery
• Single use, pre-measured packets of salt


Our unique design creates a powerful vortex to quickly reduce salt particles to optimal micron size for maximum effect

• Reaches target area faster
• Less salt used
• Less salt wasted
• Shorter, more efficient sessions
• Negligible salt dusting on surfaces



The Infinity Salt Air Machine can be used in an open room within 1-3 feet of the machine, or in a dry shower, sauna or sports pod.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Create your own personal salt room experience, at your convenience, whether you are at home, on the road, in a hotel, staying with friends or relatives, or camping in the great outdoors.


Due to it’s unique design, the Infinity Salt Air Machine produces salt particles that are nearly invisible to the human eye. This equates to shorter, more efficient sessions with minimum salt use and waste.

The Infinity Salt Air Machine is very easy to use. Simply pop open the top (it attaches magnetically),  dispense one full packet of salt, replace top, select setting and time. Relax and breathe freer in minutes.

Retail orders include one (1) box (30 individual single use packs) of our specially prepared pharmaceutical grade salt. The machine’s warranty is 2 years.  The warranty will be voided if a different salt is used. What’s in the box is part of our magic   

We appreciate all the international interest, but at this time we are not set up to ship outside of the US. We are currently building a new machine for those specifications and are working in that direction.

Feel free to email us with questions or comments.

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